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Do you have problems with a check that bounces? Fear not—Jayant and Associates is available to assist you. Delhi-based Cheque Bounce Lawyer has expertise in handling cheque bounce situations. Our skilled legal team is committed to giving you the finest possible legal assistance and representation. Recognizing Cheque Bounce when a cheque for payment is made to a Delhi Cheque Bounce Lawyer, the bank declines to accept it for a variety of reasons, including inadequate balance in the account. Legal issues and financial consequences for the check writer may result from this.

Being the Best Lawyer For Cheque Bounce Cases in Delhi, we are in great demand because we provide some of the best services in India, satisfying all of your needs and answering all of your questions in the quickest possible time, staying well within your allocated budget, and going above and beyond your expectations. Furthermore, it has been observed that under fundamental laws such as the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881, the majority of civil wrongs are now crimes.

Therefore, in compliance with Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, you will surely be held responsible for your actions and could be sentenced to two years in prison or a fine that could be double the amount of the check if you are in discharge of any such legal liability issue and a banker dishonored your check. You might even be punished for both of these in some circumstances.

How Helpful Jayant and Association Is?

The Jayant and Association is dedicated to assisting our clients in resolving cheque bounce instances since we recognize how complicated they can be. Our legal team can offer you professional legal advice and representation because they have vast expertise addressing issues similar to this.

Court Cases

Legal action against the cheque issuer may be taken in the event that the cheque bounces. Our attorneys will help you navigate the court system and make sure your rights are upheld and you are paid what is rightfully yours.

Professional Guidance

Our legal experts will give you professional guidance on how to handle your case moving forward, making sure you are educated and ready for any potential legal obstacles.

Legal Advice

Make an appointment for a consultation with our knowledgeable cheque bounce lawyers if you’ve gotten notification that a cheque has bounced or if you’re thinking about taking legal action. We will clearly explain your rights to you and advise you on the best course of action.

Notice of Issuance

We help send formal notices to the drawer of the returned cheque, requesting that the unpaid balance be paid. We guarantee that all relevant laws are complied with in the legal paperwork.

Legal Counsel

If legal action is required, our bounce cheque attorneys offer powerful court representation. We take care of every facet of the legal process and make a strong argument on your side.

The Benefits of Jayant and Association

Skilled Attorneys: 

We have a team of accomplished attorneys who have successfully handled issues involving check bounces.

Personalized Service:

We make sure that each of our clients’ demands are satisfied and their rights are upheld by offering them individualized service.

Open Communication: 

We value open communication, and we’ll keep you updated on your case’s status at every stage.

Skilled Legal Group

The firm is proud to have a group of accomplished attorneys who have successfully handled check bounce situations.

Individualized Case Management

Every case is given individual attention, guaranteeing that every detail is taken care of.

High Rate of Success

Their excellent success rate is evidence of their proficiency and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.


The field of law known as “Cheque Bounce case law” deals with the negotiable instrument act in the event of a dishonored check, and a legal notification in this regard is crucial to the functioning of this legal system. One engages in negotiation to settle the dispute outside of court in this N.I. act. If you do not receive guidance from knowledgeable, effective, and experienced Cheque bounce lawyers, your court case may take too much of your valuable time to resolve or it may even be passed down to your next generation and theirs, and so on. It may also affect your immovable and valuable properties by attaching them.

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